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How do you steer a balloon?

Hot Air Balloons float with the wind. Pilots control the temperature of the balloon using a propane burner to heat the air inside the balloon. Winds move in different directions at different elevations.

How should I dress?

Dress casual. Open toed shoes and high heals are not recommended. A light sweater or Sweatshirt will help take away the morning chill or the after sunset cool down. We don't fly high enough for it to be cold in the basket.

Cancellations within 24 hours

Cancellations within 24  hours of you reservation meeting time may result in forfeiture of any pre-paid deposit.  

Why do flight times vary?

Seasonal meeting times apply because ballooning is best just after sunrise and just before sunset. That is when the air is the coolest and calmest.  

Cancellation Policy &

Scheduling Changes

We schedule all hot air balloon rides on a "definite basis" and do not overbook. When you make reservations to fly, we ensure specific space in the balloon for your party. Last-minute changes or cancellations affect our schedule as well as other passengers' plans. Therefore, we have a generous cancellation policy in effect to protect everyone in case plans happen to change. 

Just give us a little bit of notice and there's no penalty

Cancellations or reservation changes at least 24 hours prior to the meeting time are permitted. Perhaps plans have changed or there is a scheduling conflict that has come up? That's perfectly fine - just give us a little bit of notice and there's no penalty whatsoever. 

Should you fail to show up

Failing to show up at all - or arriving late enough to miss the flight - is considered a "no-show." Person holding full pre-paid flight reservations or using Gift Certificate/Voucher shall be considered flown, making the Gift Certificate or Voucher "Void" for future use. 

Just a few more things to know


Please "check-in" by calling our office 2 hours prior to the meeting time. This will give us an opportunity to discuss any last minute considerations such as the current weather conditions and how they may effect the flight. We also may try to reach you so be sure we have a valid cell phone number at the time of booking so we can inform you of any last minute changes or weather cancellations in advance of the flight. We never want you to make a trip for nothing.


Weather for hot air ballooning in Snohomish is generally favorable for Balloon flight however we reserve the right to cancel should proper weather not exist. We regret any inconvenience this may cause your schedule. Safety first is our goal. If the weather will be bad enough to cause cancellation of the balloon flight, we will attempt to contact you as early as possible prior to the meeting time. Otherwise, we expect you to arrive at our meeting location at the specified time. Once you call us to Check-in, consider "No News Is Good News", we will only contact you if there is a  change or cancellation.

Captains thank you to balloon ride passengers over Snohomish River

Thank you,          Captain Bob

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